World Adjusters International is an independent adjusting firm offering private insurance claim help to Commercial industrial, businesses and Residential property homeowners with an insured loss due to hail, roof, wind and storm damage in United States and International Countries.

In Texas, a public insurance adjuster is licensed by the state to provide insurance policy adjustment services, and settlement claim advocacy for insurance policyholders. A public adjuster is required to be bonded, fingerprinted, pass a state exam, have a criminal/background check, and submit an application for license approval by the state of Texas. A public adjuster only represents policyholders, never the insurance companies. The fee charged for services is regulated by the Texas Insurance Code, and public adjusters charge a contingent fee based upon the success of settlements that result from the work performed. No recovery, no fee.

It is important for policyholders to know that they can hire a licensed public adjuster to assist in their Texas insurance claim process. Unfortunately, very few disaster survivors know what a public insurance adjuster does. When policyholders hire a Texas certified and licensed public adjuster, they can rest assured that the public adjuster has the policyholder’s interests in mind – we work for the policyholder, not the insurance company. A public insurance adjuster has the experience to know what is covered by the policy, and what is owed under the policy when a claim occurs.